New season, New colours A/W 2020


Even though the shops are still trying desperately to sell off their Spring ranges, it’s the Autumn & Winter clothes that should be in our stores by now!
To be honest I actually like seeing summer clothes in the summer, I mean when have you ever been able to buy swimwear in August!
Autumn is around the corner and the Pantone colours for Autumn/Winter 2020 have been about for a little while already.
If you follow me on social media you will have already seen some of the fabulous colours about to break into our stores but here are all 14 of them for you to peruse.
I’m sure you’ll agree there is something for everyone in this timeless and elegant collection.

I just have to start with my favourite!

Military Olive, a strong Neutral colour for us autumn or warm-toned ladies. Try it as an alternative to Black and dress it up for an interesting twist to a little black dress or dress it down in combat style.

I have lots of olive and khaki shades in my wardrobe already but to know it’s a popular colour for the next season will be a good opportunity to add a few more basics and investment pieces to my wardrobe.

Strong Blue
The brightest of this seasons blues and a beautiful shade for bright, cool and deep colour coded ladies.
This colour looks gorgeous in satin and silk and if it’s not for you top to toe then add a splash of it in your accessories.

A gorgeous deep sultry red.
A timeless colour for a winter coat and just beautiful in a velvet fabric.
This colour sits well in warm and deep palettes and is another favourite for autumn ladies.

Ultramarine Green
A gorgeous deep blue-green classy but striking colour, beautiful on Cool, Winter, Deep and Autumn ladies. Warm it up with leopard print and cool it down with silver.
Playful in a jumpsuit Romantic in silk.

This happy orange colour just shouts Autumn with its pumpkin shade.
An absolute must for Autumn and Warm colour coded ladies this season and for many more Autumns to come. Mix it with Khaki shades and contrast it with Samba.

Mandarin Red
A bright, warm red that can be worn top to toe or will add a splash of contrast to any outfit as an accessory.
Red is a great colour and can be worn by everyone but this slightly orangey red is best kept for warmer skin tones. If you have a cooler skin tone try a True red or a Blue/pinky red like a raspberry.

Tawny Birch
This nearly neutral rosy tan shade is both feminine and cosy. A perfect shade for an Autumn trench coat, a soft chunky knit or a romantic tulle skirt. This colour looks great on muted and light colourings.

But surely Celery is green!
Less intense than acid yellow, celery is a delicate shade and great for those with cooler skin tones that want to a bit of yellow too their wardrobe.

True Blue
A darker blue sitting in between vivid and deep blue. A cool shade described as constant and faithful. It’s a timeless colour that will last a lifetime in the wardrobes of cool-toned ladies.

Burnt Henna
An earthy deep warm shade perfect for deep and autumn colouring. I love this berry type colour which gets featured in most A/W collections with a twist in its shade each year.


The Classics

This seasons 4 classic colours really are timeless colours that will be worth investing in.  Classics are neutral colours and what I call ‘The glue’ in your wardrobe that pulls outfits together. Most of the time it’s this glue that’s missing when you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear!

Dress Blues
A gorgeous navy that can be used as the backbone to any wardrobe. Easier to wear than black but still intense so will need to be softened around the face with another colour for muted and lighter skin tones.

A pale pinkish camel colour that’s fleecy and soft. This delicate snuggly shade is a perfect light neutral for any skin tone. Think cashmere, satin or cozy fleece.

A chic cool grey which complements all of the other cool shades of the seasons. Another timeless colour that we will be wearing for decades.

Jet Stream
An off white slightly cool shade. This shade is intended to give a raw and re-cycled look. A light neutral that is less harsh than pure white and will flatter most complexions.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this colourful blog. If you would like to know your best colours then get in touch and let a personal online colour analysis simplify your life and make you look and feel great!