Which sunglasses suit you?


Sunglasses might be a small accessory but they have a large impact.

Investing in a great pair of sunglasses can put the finishing touch to an outfit and make it look expensive, even though the sunglasses don’t have to be!

A great pair of sunglasses can enhance your face shape, bring out your personal style and lift your mood.

You can choose whether you follow fashionable trends on not, its up to you! A pair of sunglasses that suit your face shape and style will look amazing always! In fact some of the most favourite sunglasses are old classics.

So whether you  love oversized, vintage, 70’s retro or aviators choosing a pair that suits your face shape might help you narrow down your search.

There is stacks of information on pinterest to inspire you but to save you scrolling here are my top tips for choosing sunnies to suit your face shape.

Firstly it helps to know your face shape, so pull your hair back and have a look in the mirror and identify:-

  • the widest part of your face – forehead, cheekbones, jaw or are they all equal?
  • the shape of your jaw – pointy, square, round
  • the length of your face – imagine a horizontal line under your eyes. If this if half way between your forehead and chin that’s short, if the lower half is slightly longer than half then that’s average, if the lower half it over one and a half times the under eye to forehead measurement then that’s long

Once you have done that you can see which face shape describes you.

  • Round – If your face length is short (equal), you probably have a round chin and your cheeks are the widest part of your face.
  • Oval – A longer version of round, your chin is still rounded but the length of your face is more than the width and your forehead is probably the widest part.
  • Square – Your face is proportional, you have an angled jaw and minimal curve at the chin.
  • Rectangle – Also known as oblong. Your forehead, cheeks and jaw are the same width and the chin is slightly curved
  • Diamond – You probably have high cheekbones, a pointed chin and a narrower forehead.
  • Heart – Your widest part is your forehead and you have a pointed chin. this shape is also known as an inverted triangle.


So here’s the fun bit which sunglasses should you choose?

Round faces – Suit  rectangular and angular frames to add structure to already soft features. Sharp angles will help elongate your face. An over sized frame can work well too to enhance those wide cheekbones.

Oval faces – can pretty much pull off any frame shape. Ideally try to stick with the equal proportion and balance of your face but have some fun and bring out your style personality.

Square faces – Suit more rounded or oval frames which soften your angular features and give a softer more balanced look. Aviators, butterfly, round or any frames that favors a curve. Mirrored, metallic, multi – coloured or wide rimmed the choice is yours!

Rectangle faces – Suit oversized glasses, larger wayfarer or sunglasses with thick frames. Vintage style frames with sharp angles will also look amazing. Avoid small frames.

Diamond faces – Suit oval and rectangle sunglasses.  Frames with a darker or heavier top work well. Half rimmed and rimless glasses are fantastic for you. Gentle curves are better than very wide glasses to balance those wide cheekbones.

Heart faces – Suit angled frames with wide upturned edges aiming for the width to be wider than the forehead, so the attention is actually drawn downwards to elongate the face. Also look out for detail at the bottom of the frame.

I hope that’s helped a bit. If you are still in any doubt Aviators are said to suit all face shapes! Don’t forget to choose your frame colour inline with your own colour characters if you want help finding out your best colours you know where to come.

Most of these images were found on pinterest but a lot were from the following stores which offer great sunglasses at affordable prices:- Topshop, nastygal, pretty little thing, boohoo & river island.

Oh and don’t forget your chain! yes I know they remind you of your granny but they are back in fashion and oh so practical!

Threaded Chain Detail Sunglasses Chain - Black - One Size

Enjoy the sunshine

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